Selling online can be your passport out of a dead end job and a world of working for someone you never respect, who doesn’t respect you. Even if you never mind your current job, selling online is still a good idea because it gives you the chance to earn some extra wealth in tough economic times while also opening future doors to full time self employment. But before you can start living the daydream of being your very own self made person, you have to work out the logistics, and so that means you have to discover the right product to sell, and you have to get familiar with the ebay auction site. You never have to make all or even most of your wealth from ebay, but you should be using it to drive business to your site for greater returns on investment. 1) What should you sell online? There are many products that do well online, but just because they do, that doesn’t mean you will be good at selling them. Instead of following trends, it is far more recommended to follow your passions. Passion breeds interest, and that translates well to the buyer. If you realize a lot about a product and enjoy it, then you will be better at knowing when you’re making a good deal, either as a buyer or a seller. And you must be a buyer before you can be a seller, because you need inventory. So make sure as you set out on this adventure that you ask yourself the following questions: What interests you more than anything else? What kinds of subject matters do you realize the most about? What products within those subject matters will make you the most money? If you are a sports person, you may be in to collectibles. If you are a movie nut, you may be in to rare DVDs, laserdiscs and VHS cassettes. It’s up to you to discover what your strong suit is, and then give it your best. 2) How to use the ebay auction siteEbay is user friendly. Even though it requires an account for you to sell, the account is usual to set up and manage. Once you have confirmed your email address and provided all your details, it is just a matter of clicking the sell button and entering in the details of the item as the site requires. Any non optional fields will alert you to completion if you miss them the first time by following, while all are self explanatory. Once you preview the item at the end of the listing option, submit. Then check back on your own accord to see how many watchers and bidders you have attracted.