In part one of effective online marketing strategies, we looked at social media networking and search engine optimization as vital promotion tools. But these are not the only means that you can use for the effective online marketing of your business.Conventional MarketingJust because you are trying to promote your business online does not mean that you should neglect other forms of advertising. But, it is highly important to use other advertising techniques to attract visitors and potential customers to your website and entice them to make a sale.1. Ensure that the URL of your website appears on any stationary or literature that your business happens to own. Making sure your website address features prominently on business cards, newsletters and notebooks will help people to remember who you are.2. Develop a free service to entice visitors to visit your website, or sign up for a service that you offer. It has long been known that people love free things, so implementing a free offer into your online marketing strategy will go a long way to boosting your sales. Create something that will set your business apart from your competitors, such as a free office fitout calculator, so that visitors will be attracted to your website over anyone else’s.EmailOnline marketing via email is given a category all its own, as, if done correctly, it can be highly effective in attracting traffic to your website. However, take a careful approach to online marketing through email as sending unsolicited spam email can get you in a lot of trouble.1. Include an informative signature at the end of each email you send, including all of your relevant contact details. Most email servers will allow you to create a signature that is permanently featured in every email you send, so you only have to create it once. Ensure it includes the URL for your website, your email address (in case the email is printed out, or forwarded on), your telephone numbers and your mailing address.2. Publish an e-newsletter that is sent out to everyone on your mailing list one a month or so. This is a highly effective online marketing strategy, as you are ensuring that your business is kept in the mind of your clients and potential customers. Include information that you think people will want to read, such as handy hints, and aggressively promote the subscription forms using your website.If you are looking to implement an online marketing strategy into your website to attract more traffic, or if your current online marketing strategy is not working as well as you would like, use the above strategies in order to do so effectively. The results you are looking for won’t be far behind.